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hello, i'm browse johnson. thanks for joining us this saturday. it was a neighborhood that was supposed to be making a comeback, but a triple shooting in colombia heights is putting some longstanding problems in the spotlight this evening. two victims of this violence died this morning, another fighting for his life this evening. lindsay mastas has that story. >> reporter: people that live in northwest colombia heights have been told that it is changing for the better. not true, neighbors say, and they point to this morning's triple shooting as an example of ongoing violence. we've learned that all three victims may have been shot in the head. >> [ bleep ] around here. i want to leave d.c., i don't like it. >> reporter: ward 1 councilman jim graham admits the streets have had ongoing problems.
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>> parkwood place has been improving, but this is one of those notorious blocks that has had a lot of problems for many years. >> reporter: graham says he's learned that the three victims may have been playing craps. people who live in this neighborhood say it happens all the time along this street. >> i've seen people play craps. they play all the time, and all around the world. >> we don't have anything if we don't have safety. >> reporter: celia jones has lived here for six years. >> the violence in this neighborhood has been directly to the use and sale of crack cocaine. >> reporter: she's a community advocate, but says the violence is so bad, she's afraid. >> what's needed is solid police work, solid investigations by detectives to root out organized crime, gang crime, including drug deals. >> reporter: those that know the victims of this latest violent act didn't want to talk on
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camera, but they say it's unfair, especially to the victims' children. in colombia heights, i'm lindsay mastas, 9 news now. several cameras in the area and police are checking their surveillance footage. they're looking for suspects and trying to determine a motive for these shootings. it's a working weekend for lawmakers and their staff members, not to mention the president himself. tomorrow evening politicians from both sides of the aisle will go to the white house for a meeting on the debt ceiling. president barack obama told politicians from both parties today to come prepared with their demands and plans ready. he wants a deal, and he wants it soon. >> both sides are going to have to step outside of their comfort zones and make some political sacrifices. >> if a deal is not reached by july 22nd, it would be difficult to push the legislation through congress in time. now, that means america could default on its loans for the first time in its history. back here, d.c. mayor
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vincent gray held a ward 1 community summit today to address concerns and hopes of changes taking place in large part because of the anacostia. a gym was packed to hear from the mayor and other city officials. some expressed concerns about how economic development in their community will impact them. others, including the mayor, say it's development that's long overdue. >> this is long overdue. we talked about this during my campaign last year and we now are fulfilling a promise and that is to give the people of ward 8 the same opportunities that have existed in virtually all other parts of the city. >> just last month the mayor announced that a new ink jet manufacturing plant along with several restaurants and shops will move into ward 8. the development is supposed to bring some 300 new jobs to areas east of the anacostia river. at least 25% of the residents there are unemployed.
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the national average is just above 9%. there's some interesting internet video makes the rounds, showing a d.c. cop squaring off in the streets against a man who's being encouraged by a large late night crowd. now, all of this happies in adams morgan where business owners are complaining about the unwanted crowds near their clubs. the d.c. police department is reviewing that video. acem is live. ken, what does it show? >> reporter: well, bruce, here is what this videotape shows. it shows that there is a complete disregard for police authorities, at least on the part of some out in this area. it's unclear when the video was shot. what is clear is that officers trying to control large crowds may have a whole new set of problems to deal with. take a look. the video which continues to grow in popularity was posted by world star you can see in the video the officers are faced off with a group of unruly men as they try and maintain order and keep the situation from escalating, one man decides to taunt the
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officers. he walks around one officer, clenches his fist and is egged on by his friends. >> go for it, man. go for it! >> reporter: then he squares off in what seems to be an aggressive stance. the officer has clearly had enough and tackles the man to the ground as other cops jump in to try and restrain the man, the crowds cheer. [ cheering ] >> reporter: it's this kind of behavior that has business owners here concerned that unruly crowds are tarnishing the image of what has recently become a historic d.c. district. >> it can't go on. the police are overwhelmed. >> reporter: back out live here, you can see things are relatively quiet out here in adams morgan, but the business owners that we spoke to say all of this will certainly change tonight when all of the bars and the clubs out here let out, bruce. we did check in with d.c. police, they say they know that the video exists. they're looking into it. right now they are not commenting any further. we're live in adams morgan. >> ken, thanks a lot.
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still ahead on 9 news now, a possible breakthrough in a deadly form of cancer that targets minority women. what you can do to protect yourself. first hollywood royalty, will and kate wow the crowd from california. back in a minute.
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thank you and good-bye, that's the headline that will appear on the front page of the final edition of the news of the world. britain's best-selling tabloid is shutting down tomorrow after
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168 years. today the staff assembled the final edition while the paper's website apologized for its controversial hacking into cell phones of celebrities, private citizens and the 13-year-old murder victim. the statement said quite simply, we lost our way. phones were hacked, and for this newspaper is truly sorry. royal recreation in california, prince william and katherine take time out to play as the prince competes in a charity polo match. cbs' sandra hughes spoke with the royal family in santa barbara. >> reporter: american fans are loving the british invasion, the duke and dutchess are here in santa barbara for the prince's charity polo match. and curiosity seekers, including the famous want a glimpse. >> i've admired him from afar for years. he's lived his life with dignity, and just seems like a really good guy. >> reporter: pamela slaven and
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howard patropbe drove all the way from tucson, arizona. what is it that fascinates us? >> i loved princess diana from the beginning. >> reporter: even the couple's arrival was exciting. >> we saw the helicopter land. we're very excited about that. >> reporter: what do you think about all this prince and princess stuff? >> i'm not a big fan of it. >> reporter: tickets for the polo match here at the santa barbara polo club range between $400 and $4,000. if you want to get up close and personal with the duke and dutchess and they sold out. after the match, the duke and dutchess head back to los angeles. they'll attend a black tie continuer at the balasco theater honoring young british filmmakers. >> a-list actors are clamoring for this to meet royalty. >> reporter: the success of their american tour so far? >> it's gone fantastically well as you can see from the footage and pictures. they are loving it. i knew they were excited when they left. >> reporter: and so are their fans. sandra hughes, cbs news, santa
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barbara. proceeds tpro the polo match will benefit the american friends of prince william and prince harry. coming up on 9 news now, one of the most popular search allegiance of the world comes to capitol hill. what the dalai lama is saying about world piece. olga. >> so far humidity this week has been bearable, but i'm tracking some changes on the way that are definitely going to pump up that heat and touch the humidity coming up into the work week. i'll also let you know about the next opportunity for rain coming up. [ man ] did we get anything good? sweetie i think you need a little extra fiber in your diet. fiber makes me sad. oh common. i dare you to taste one hint of fiber in fiber one. oh, i'd be able to tell. why don't i just eat this bag?
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and how can you talk to me about fiber when you are eating a candybar. you enjoy that. i am. [ male announcer ] fiber beyond recognition. fiber one.
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several dozen people gathered in front of the white house today to protest nato's bombing of libya. they say there are better ways for the united states to spend its money and its time. >> how can you save people by destroying their country? you don't save people that way. iraq is a testament to that, afghanistan, somalia, all of the other countries that have been attacked by the united states and nato have never, ever roar
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recovered. how can it be humanitarian when you're costing people their lives. >> it was organized by the answer coalition, the american muslim alliance and several other groups. it strikes younger women and african-american women in greater numbers. and none of the cancer drugs currently on the market have any effect on it. fighting triple-negative breast cancer has been a challenge for cancer researchers, but now there may be an answer, a breakthrough at the university of maryland's greenbaum cancer center is is the ubt of a buddy check 9 report. here is andrea. >> reporter: evelyn david is about to celebrate another birthday, her 33rd. >> we're having a barbecue, it's called the second chance at life for barbecue. >> reporter: evelyn was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer in 2009. >> i couldn't breathe when she told me i had breast cancer. >> reporter: you now have triple-negative breast cancer. >> that i almost lost my mind. >> reporter: triple negative is one of the most difficult strains of breast cancer to
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treat. it accounts for 15% to 20% of all breast cancers and is more common in african-american women and young women. >> triple negative means it's negative or doesn't express three things that we look for in breast cancer, estrogen receptor, progeterone receptor. >> reporter: dr. kevin cullin is the director of the university of maryland's greenbaum cancer center. >> several of the critical drugs we have including inhibitors that were invented here at the university of maryland work only if those factors, those receptors are present on a tumor cell. >> reporter: she couldn't use any of those critical drugs, evelyn's only drug treatment option for her breast cancer was chemotherapy. in a new clinical trial, researchers at the greenbaum center are looking at whether an experimental drug can help reprogram triple negative drug can respond to the inhibitors. newly-diagnosed triple negative
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patients will receive antennstat once every week before surgery. the tumor will be analyzed to see if it has shung or stopped growing. dr. angela brody who developed the inhibitors say early trial results are better than expected. >> in other words we've converted the hormone from resistant tumors into hormone-responsive tumors. >> we believe it's a potentially dramatic tumor for those affecting this very difficult disease. >> researchers hope to register some 41 patients at 20 sites including the greenbaum center and they're encouraging black women to participate. for more enrolling in the triple trial, you can click on the buddy page on thousands gathered on the u.s. capitol to hear the dalai lama's talk for peace. he is in washington for part of
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a peace conference. actor whoopie goldberg emceed the event. the dalai lama had a special message for the young people attending today's event. >> you should have vision and dernlings, real -- determination, so please study with confidence, more optimistic attitude and as i already mentioned, with a compassionate heart. >> the dalai lama talk is part of a 10-day world peace event. during his visit, the 79-year-old spiritual leader also met with house speaker john boehner and former house speaker nancy pelosi. i understand everybody was trying to get in with the dalai lama. >> i can imagine. hot and you say stop whining. i mean, it is july. >> well, you can whine, but not too loudly. it's going to take another couple of days before we get back into that typical
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summertime pattern. but for right now, we're really getting quite a treat considering it's the first week and a half of july. could be much worse this time of year. our temperatures today made it up into the lower 90ed. reagan national officially hit 92 about 3:00 this afternoon. but right now we're slowly beginning to back down just a touch. still fairly warm. it's definitely a hot day by july standards and most of us are sitting into those upper 80s, lower 90s at this hour. things are going to start to ease back overnight. we had that front move on through, it cleared out all of that rain and that dampness and it also brought in a very gentle north wind. that's starting to dry us out. conditions are going to stay calm as high pressure settles on in. should be a fairly clear night tonight and quite comfortable. so here are your weather headlines. definitely hot weekend. we're going to stay into the lower 90s both today and tomorrow. but the evening should be quite nice if you're going to step out on the town, it should be fairly nice and absolutely stay dry. we will continue this into sunday. by tomorrow, though, you're going to notice a tiny uptick
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in the humidity, still barely bearable, but the next storm chances on that front as we move from monday into tuesday and most certainly into wednesday. the futurecast, i pulled it up for you here, but you'll notice not a lot of change as i get it moving. watch sunday morning. just a few passing clouds early tomorrow, but still mostly sunny for tomorrow afternoon. then as we hit that high mark into the low 90s, we're going to back down into the 70s on sunday night into monday morning. and if you're headed back to work, well, it should be quite quiet, very still for us into monday afternoon. we try to surge up just a little bit of that moisture from the south as the winds start to shift monday into tuesday ahead of that next cold front. and that's when you'll see the major changes in our weather pattern. but for tonight, we're keeping it clear, we're keeping it comfortable and those temperatures are going to be quite nice. it's a good night to maybe open up that window before you go to sleep and temperatures should settle into the upper 60s, near 70 degrees by the early
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morning hours. then with those light and variable winds, we'll slowly start to pull into a south/southwest wind flow as we head on into tomorrow afternoon. that means humidity will slowly uptick a little bit. we have unhealthy air quality tomorrow, just for the sensitive types, but we'll be moving on into the 70s and lower 90s by tomorrow afternoon. here's tomorrow afternoon's forecast for you, hitting a high of about 92 for the city of d.c. as we go into the middle portion of the work week, that's when things start to change for us. day planner quite nice, we'll keep the sunshine around, in fact, we'll move some sunshine into your monday as well. with the humidity moving back up and temperatures getting back into those 90s, the next several days going to look pretty good. >> good. nice gift for our birthday girl over here. happy birthday. >> thank you very much. >> you're very welcome. >> i'm here on my birthday. i like to celebrate with you, bruce. >> thank you very much. it was a night filled with fireworks and not the ones in
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the sky. how is john lanking doing after today, taking one in the face? and hear what the birds have to say about this bench-clearing brawl last night and can d.c. right the ship as they face a long-time rival. that and more coming up next in sports. what makes the sleep number store different?
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a scary moment in last night's nationals/rockies game came in the 4th energy when laning went down after being beaned in the head off wiggington. he does in fact have a broken nose but is expected to make his next scheduled start the week after the all-star break. thank goodness for a couple of days off. adding insult to injury, the rockies handed the nats their first losing streak of this 10-game home stand and knocks them back to .500. it's going to be a tough climb. the rockies have had the nats
6:26 pm
going 16-6 since 2008. here's look at tonight's matchup, marquise on the mound, looking to bounce back against the pirates. he lasted 1 wurtd innings giving up six nrgs. the excitement got going early last night in fenway, well, that is if you're a red sox fan. balls clearing the bark, runners clearing the bases to give boston seven runs in the 1stment then to the 8th, a benches-clearing brawl. need less to say, it was not a good night for the birds. in the 8th inning, a few words were changed after the pitch was a little too far inside. later big poppy popped up, greg chided him for not running it out. all hell broke loose. big poppy charged the mound, whisked on a few punches, benches cleared. gregg says he refuses to be intimidated. >> there's some chances on the play, you got to use all chances. if you don't, you'll get your [
6:27 pm
bleep ] every time you go out there. they're going to whine and complaip about it because they think their better than everybody else. we have just as much right to pitch inside as they do. >> you tell em, gregg. history has been made in new york, derek jeter becomes the 28th player in major league history to get 3,000 hits, and get this, he's the first-ever yankee to do this. i found that kind of surprising. he did it in true hall of fame fashion with a long ball. now, the only other player to do it that way was wade bogs. there's nothing like forcing your former team to heat up a rivalry. when the united takes tonight in new york, fans get a glimpse of what was. delasaro was dealt to united on june 27th for mcĂ­ carte. maybe he can help his old team. united hasn't talked to wynn since may 29th. if they want to get the w, they
6:28 pm
know they gotta start hot. when andre agassi released his auto biography, he talked about when he revent sented the sport. after being inducted into the tennis hall of fame, he gave thanks to supporters and how it was all part of the journey to get him there. the number i found staggers is he was number one in the world for 101 straight weeks. so congrats to andre agassi. >> thanks for watching, "cbs evening news" is next. we'll see you back here at 11:00.
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